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*sigh*... Where do I start?... Im disappointed.... just so very disappointed... *sigh*

This is one of the fundamental problems of Hollywood and in general, "ART" as a whole.

Have you ever wondered why films that are least liked by the public and generate the least amount of money, generally are considered "ART" and tend to win all the awards...


Please take a moment and name anything else in this world that you get rewarded for for being terrible or disliked?

Would you praise a singer that can't hold a tune or unable to play an instrument? Or perhaps a sports team that always loses? Maybe a teacher who's students receive the lowest scores throughout the nation?

No?! Thats strange, then why on earth do we insist of rewarding artists that create garbage or just don't create at all. Only in the past fifty-sixty years or so have we begun to reward the lack of talent.

But enough of that, let's review the film shall we...

If the film didn't have so much potential then I probably wouldn't care so much but it was right on the cusp of greatness. But alas, they dropped the ball. Nope, excuse me, there was no ball. Just like there was no story.

The film looked great, shot well, actors were fantastic, even the snails pacing actually worked. The way they built tension throughout the first half was masterful, hiding certain aspects and characters. I'll say it again, even the snails pacing worked in this context and for this film. Everything came together wonderfully, building tension, keeping us (the audience) on the edge of our seat, hungry for the great reveal, the climax, an ending, perhaps an explanation... something!

Unfortunately that never came to pass, turning the entire praise I had given the filmmaker regarding her skillful work, upside down. No matter how well a film looks, without a story and an ending you have nothing.

Instead of being masterful, hiding certain aspects of the film and characters was now pointless. The building of tension was now useless as there was no pay off, reveal, ending or even explanation. And now the viewer is frustrated, having wasted ninety minutes watching a film move that moves at a snails pace, for no reason.

Obviously we understood the film and its meaning within the "ME TOO" culture. But that doesn't excuse the fact there was just no story, nothing happened. And if that was the point the filmmaker was trying to make, that 'nothing happens' within the culture. You should have made a short film and ended it after the HR scene.

This was not 'ART'. This was a film stuck in the first act, a story with no ending.

Overall we gave THE ASSISTANT a 25%, uncertified!

Don't waste your time, sorry...

Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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