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💥SOCIAL DILEMMA💥 - 95%👏🏼🤯🙌🏽🤩


Like its pseudo sister film, 'EVA STORIES'. SOCIAL DILEMMA dives deep into the world of social media, exposing its dark underbelly. Another perfect film for the tumultuous times we are experiencing right now and can all relate in some way shape or form, the uncharted waters social media has delivered us. As you all know, The HFI doesn't like to divulge too much information regarding storyline if we think its a film worth seeing first. That being said, the acting/casting could have been better, however the overall story is so strong that it is easily overlooked.

So, grab a friend, pull the popcorn from the microwave, rip open your go to movie candy, turn off your phone and watch as this film reveals the horrors of Social Media.

Overall we gave SOCIAL DILEMMA a 95%, certified DFF! DOPE! FRESH! and FUN! Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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