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R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman

First of all lets take a moment to recognize the brilliance of Chadwick Boseman. Not just as an actor, but as a humanitarian, a leader, a pioneer and a true king, in every sense of the word. May we all aspire to live like Boseman. Rest in peace King!

All hail King Ta'Challa

To be honest I keep trying to figure out why I didn't give BLACK PANTHER a 100%. Theres not much negative I can say regarding the film. Overall its cast brilliantly, acted out wonderfully, CGI and costume design is superb and ties in neatly with the rest of the Marvel franchise timeline while remaining independent from the others.

I do believe the soundtrack could have been better. Films are all about feelings and a good score can elevate a decent film into something magnificent. I would say the only knock on the film is the simplicity and predictability of the story. However, like most Marvel films you already know what you are getting before you enter the theatre and nine times out of ten, you can predict the story, let alone the outcome.

All that being said, whether you are a comic book fan or not, BLACK PANTHER is solid. More importantly it has undoubtably revolutionized the notion that films with an entire ethnic cast and crew, can not only stand up to their white counterparts but also exceed expectations. I won't claim to know the exact numbers but Im sure it pulled in well over a billion dollars and to that I say... BRAVO!

Overall we gave BLACK PANTHER an 80%,

certified DFF! DOPE! FRESH and FUN!

Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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