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During our short history with film reviews, 'THE TAX COLLECTOR' is by far the biggest disappointment to date. As regular readers may know, we do our best not to give away any film, while still portraying enough so the viewer has a general sense of what to expect when watching said film. However, the blatant disrespect and deception in regards to this film is too much even for me not to expose.

To put plainly, the film is a "LIE!".

The powers that be, marketed the film as a 'TRAINING DAY' spin off, set in the latin American neighborhoods of Los Angeles, starring the uber talented Shia LaBeouf.

Sounds great, can't wait, right?!

I truly believe most people will tell you 'Training Day' is one of their favorites, not to mention the multiple Academy Awards it received and rightfully so. So, who wouldn't want to watch 'The Tax Collector' and what could possibly go wrong?

Well straight up LYING!! for one.

The studio marketed the film basically as Shia LaBeouf playing a form of Denzel Washingtons character from Training Day. However, Shia isn't the lead, he's barely a co-star and to add insult to injury, he dies within the first thirty minutes. He maybe has ten minutes of screen time.

Listen, I hate giving away any aspect of a film that will potentially ruin it for any viewer and if I accidentally do so, it's never my intention. That being said, when a studio blatantly lies to the consumer in order to generate larger profits for themselves. I feel it is only right to warn those in advance and let them make their own choice.

And for those thinking Im bitter because the main character is killed off early, think again. The story is garbage, the acting sub par, casting is way off, its unnecessarily gory and oh, did I mention the story is garbage, no bueno!

If theres anything positive its Shia and Shia alone. He's brilliant and could have easily carried the film, but alas they fumbled that.

Overall we gave 'THE TAX COLLECTOR' a 15% UNCERTIFIED!!

Don't waste your time, sorry...

Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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