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LUTHER - 90%

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LUTHER - 90%

Ah, what a breath of fresh air. Bravo sir, Bravo!

I will keep todays review short but sweet as I believe LUTHER is a must see and in turn don't want to ruin it for you future viewers.

For whatever reason (in my opinion), Ive found that British television usually tends to blow American tv out the water. I find the writing, generally to be far superior with few exceptions. LUTHER is a prime example.

The American crime drama general playbook goes as follows:

  • A crime has been established.

  • Our hero follows clues usually leading to a dead end.

  • Just before throwing in the towel, our hero receives a random tip or help in some fashion, giving him the break he needs to reveal the identity of the perp.

  • Finally, the killer/bad guy is caught and much to everyones surprise its someone close or that no one expected.

This is the general outline for most if not all U.S. crime dramas. Very rarely is the killer/bad guy revealed to the audience until the last ten minutes of the show. Im assuming to build anticipation for the grand reveal.

LUTHER, as well as many other British dramas, turn this outline on his head. By revealing the killer/bad guy at the very start, our audience is invested almost immediately. However, to pull this off successfully, takes a skilled writer as you have essentially revealed the ending at the very start. Hence my opinion that English writers tend to be far superior.

LUTHER executes this to perfection. Like I mentioned earlier, I'll keep it short and sweet. The show is DOPE! Do yourself a favor and watch, you'll thank me later...

Overall we gave LUTHER an 90%, certified DFF!


Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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