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*sigh*... Where do I start?... Disappointed.... just so very disappointed... *sigh*

On paper this film has all the makings of your typical Hollywood Summer Blockbuster. Or perhaps even the start of a brand new action franchise, staring the ever so charismatic, funny, and charming Will Smith. Spanning the next fifteen years and accumulating billions of dollars for everyone involved...

...Yeah, that didn't happen...

This goes to prove that just because you have an all-star team to start a game, doesn't guarantee you a win.

No matter what you're attempting to accomplish in life, without a solid foundation you are setting yourself up for failure. As was the case for GEMINI MAN. Whomever was the decision maker, decided they would forgo that age old advice and take a crack at the would be Hollywood blockbuster with little more than an A-list actor and director duo. As you can already imagine, the film went up in a ball of terrible CGI flames.

The premise, bland as it may be, had potential. However, the lack of a decent script, the terrible casting, (in regards to the ensemble not the actors themselves) and the god awful CGI, doomed the film from the start.

I mean it, the VFX are terrible... like Justice League terrible!

To be honest theres not really much more needed to say about the film other than DON'T WATCH IT! Believe me, you are better off not seeing Gemini Man, especially if you are a fan of Will and Lee (star and director). It may result in tainting your outlook on two very talented artists. This film is in no way a true portrayal of their respective talents which I whole heartedly believe are some of the best in the game.

Overall we gave GEMINI MAN a 25%, uncertified!

Don't waste your time, sorry...

Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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