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Ladies, gentleman and children of all ages. Welcome to The HFI's very first

Honest Film Review!

Yeah! We said it... Finally!! The HFI will provide unbiased, unsponsored, truthful film reviews! No more politically correct, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, which studio is paying us the most, film reviews. Each and every week, The Hollywood Film Institute will review and score a new show and or movie. Reviews will be uploaded via our blog so stay tuned to get reliable, honest reviews on everything playing past and present. If you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to comment below and we will be happy to take your choices into consideration. With that said, let's get started...

Wanting to start our reviews off with a BANG, we took a gamble on a new release by Netflix and let's just say, it paid off. Written by one half of the 'Avengers: End Game' directing duo, Joe Russo and starring 'Thor' himself, Chris Hemsworth. The action packed EXTRACTION, didn't disappoint.

Now I'll be honest, my expectations for this type of action blockbuster tends to be relatively low. You know what Im talking about?


The action packed, hundred million, signature Michael Bay Hollywood blockbuster that generally incorporates more CGI, squibs and explosives rather than an actual story line...

...yeah, those ones.

I do, however, find them very entertaining, but the lack of substance and constant barrage of bullets and explosions, tend to have me leaving the theater with a headache and aggravated at the waste of funds.

For the action genre, 'pace' and 'realism' is critical. Doing too much throughout the duration of the film becomes overwhelming, resulting in viewers tuning out. Also, how realistic the film, tends to have the same effect. For example, you lose invested viewers if characters or situations don't follow basic rules. How can you expect a viewer to be invested in a character, if you know he's never going to die? This is one of the main reasons for 'Game of Thrones' success. The creators were wise enough to throw away conventional filmmaking, stayed true to the book and in turn, each and every week, millions of viewers tuned in to see if this was the episode where their beloved character would be beheaded.

Stunt man and first time director, Sam Hargrave hit a home with his debut film. Even with the backing of Netflix, A-list producers, writers and actors, Sam didn't try to make the film something it was not, (which so many films go down in flames trying to do). From top to bottom, you got the sense the entire production knew what film they were there to create, stuck to the playbook and it showed. Playing to his strengths as a stunt man, he created an outstanding old school Action film, incorporating phenomenal stunts and choreography.

A reimagined 'Man on Fire', Extraction is reminiscent of an old school western, where the entire town descends upon our hero. The story was simple and perhaps slightly predictable at times, however we're invested for the action, not for the twists and turns of a psychological thriller. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

The film was very well done, easily believable, great acting and the pace of the film was on point. From tremendously impressive fight choreography, amazing camera movement, well placed and much needed humor and breaks in-between the action. They knew what they were making and did a great job!

Overall we gave EXTRACTION an 88%, certified DFF! DOPE! FRESH and FUN!

Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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