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Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we are on a roll! 4 out of 5 ain't too shabby if I say so myself. Now, Im sure by saying this, next weeks film or show will be terrible and will put me in my place but until then, its onward and upward.

Now, I may be a bit bias with this review as the creator, "Julian Fellowes" happens to be family. However, family or not, you can not deny quality when it drapes its self across you like a warm shawl on a frozen winters night and I always give credit where credit it due.

If you happen to be a fan of 'DOWNTON ABBEY', then you are sure to like 'BELGRAVIA' as its game plan, (the way Julian writes), is a direct carbon copy. He is a master of the dramatic period piece, emphasizing on the class system of Great Britain. What makes his work truly masterful in my opinion is the ability to create such riveting story lines and with tremendous suspense, with hardly any blood, violence, profanity, nudity, sex, etc... if at all. I compare it with a masterful rap artist, whom can stay in the category of gangster rap without the stereotypical profanity and derogatory content. Both require an immense amount of skill.

Now the show does take an episode or two to get its bearings but when it does its off to the races. If you want to enjoy a great, DOWNTON ABBEY like show with the entire family, BELGRAVIA defiantly checks all the boxes.

Overall we gave BELGRAVIA an 80%, certified DFF!


Enjoy and see ya'll next week!

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